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Wolf From Prokletije (DVD)

  • Wolf From Prokletije (DVD)
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Product name: Wolf From Prokletije (DVD)

War has penetrated the desolate mountains of Prokletije, whose peaks are covered in eternal fog. For centuries in this wilderness men have been making their unwritten laws. A promise, fraternity, honesty – it would mean death to those who defied them.

Vuk, the “Wolf” from Prokletije has cut down two poplars...The third remains, young and erect, spiting the mountains winds. From Italy, where he was being educated, Vuk’s only son, Jahid, returns to the respectable and wealthy Fuad-Beg, at whose house he had spent his childhood. Vuk descends from the mountains with his men to the occupied town. The small group of armed men on horse-back stops before Fuad-Beg’s house Vuk’s encounter with his son, Jahid, turns into a conflict. Vuk realizes that he has arrived too late...

Fuad-Beg has sided with the Italian occupiers. He has managed to draw into his web young Jahid, who is soon appointed chief of police. Convinced that he is fighting for the just vengeance of his brothers, “blood for blood”, he carries out his revenge.

A fraternal war rages under his leadership. The first victim’s are Jahid’s school mates, his first love. Shootings, killings, burning villages.

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