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Trilogy - Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms, The Principality of Serbia, The Kingdom of Serbia [boxset] (3xDVD)

  • Trilogy - Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms, The Principality of Serbia, The Kingdom of Serbia [boxset] (3xDVD)
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Product name: Trilogy - Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms, The Principality of Serbia, The Kingdom of Serbia [boxset] (3xDVD)

All 3 parts of the movie/documentary series by Branko Sotra, on 3 DVD's for the fantastic price!

-The Principality of Serbia
The main plot of the film "The principality of Serbia" was put in the first seven decades of the nineteenth century when the state was being formed and strengthened together with its historical fate. This film shows the Serbs as people who fought during the two Risings while trying to liberate by themselves hardly and for a long time. It also shows how they hardly got the recognition to their liberty and the international recognition to the right to have their own state.
The film was shot in Belgrade, Topola, Orašac, Takovo and Kragujevac by using numerous documents, paintings, drawings, as well as the first photographs which were made in Serbia.

-The Kingdom of Serbia
Continuing the story from the "The Principality of Serbia", this movie covers Serbian history from the assassination of Prince Mihailo to the First World War.

-Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms
At the end of year 1916, in the second year of the World War I, which started by Austro-Hungarian empire attack on small monarchy Serbia, Serbian people, army and government were at the door of the greatest temptation in its history. United armies of Austro-Hungarian empire, German and Bulgaria attacked Serbia.Defending each road, each hill, small river, when every village, plain, curve became historical points, Serbia, expecting the help of the allies, found itself with the whole army, institutions and refugees in Kosovo, the only remaining free part of its territory. There, in Kosovo, further fight became impossible, so the Serbian Government and Supreme command, avoiding capitulation, chose fateful, but at the same time honorable act: Serbian army, government, people left the Country and, in diverse directions, in the middle of severe winter, withdrew over impassable Albanian gorges and, over a part of south Montenegro, without roads, to the Adriatic Sea, heading towards the allies. Both Serbian people and army were exhausted, almost powerless, hungry and poorly dressed. It was a unique achievement in the history, the whole country became emigration. It was unprecedented protecting of the national honor, marvelous achievement with terrible victims. The most terrible in the World War. Suffering of Serbian people in marches for survival and liberation acquired admiration of free world for Serbs and Serbia.
The Serbs came to allies to Corfu, expressing its suffering in the poem “There, Far Away”. This sacrificial achievement of ninety years ago is theme of movie “Where the Yellow Lemon Blooms”.

directed by: Zdravko Šotra
narration: Dragan Nikolić
starring: Nenad Jezdić, Nebojša Glogovac, Petar Kralj, Nataša Ninković, Milica Milša, Dragoslav Ilić, Vojin Ćetković, Miki Krstović, Branislav Tomašević, Nebojša Kundačina, Sloboda Mićalović, Nebojša Ilić, Tihomir Stanić, Milenko Zablaćanski, Miodrag Fišeković, Voja Brajović, Predrag Ejdus, Dragomir Čumić, Irfan Mensur, Zoran Cvijanović, Hana Jovčić, Dragomir Čumić, Miodrag Radovanović...

year of production: 2006-2007
audio: serbian, Dolby Digital 5.1
subtitles: english (for all 3 movies), greek (only on "Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms"), french (only on "Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms")
PAL, region free
released by: Kosutnjak Film

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