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Why should I be your customer?

THe fact is, Small Serbian Shop is not the only online store offering traditional Serbian items. However, there are several things which makes us distinguishable

  • We are in business since 2001
  • Til now we had more than 40 000 customers from all over the world
  • Best choice of Serbian stuff - over 5000 items on offer

It is very important that I get my order on time. Can I trust you?

Sure. Your order will be shipped with efficiency. However, if we see that there might be a timing problem, we’ll contact you straight away.

I’m living outside of Serbia, I see that I need to pay you upfront. How can I be sure that you will not cheat me?

Please speak to your Serbian pals - some of them have for sure already been our customers. Like we said, we’re in business for 10 years, the last thing we would do is play with our Custoemr’s trust.

How can I track my shipment?

We’ll send you the tracking code, which you can use to track the shipment any time you like..

I’ve purchased a t-shirt / sweater with oyu, but the size does not fit. Can I get the replacement?

Sure, we’ll let you know where you can send the shipment back to. After we receive it, we’ll send you the new product, in size you want (of course, the costs of additional shipment need to be covered by yourself)

I bought something in another Serbian store. Few months later, I still haven’t received my goods, and only after I complained they said they ran out of stock for this product. When I aksed them for refund they did so, but after 3 weeks of waiting and sending email reminders..

Problems can happen, but that’s why we’re around - to help solve it. Please be certain that we’ll instantly let you know if there is any problem with your order. We might ask you to choose a replacememnt product, or if you don’t like it, to give you a refiund.

Can I call you on the phone?

Sure, you can find our numbers on the Contact page