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White sweater with hoodie "St. Lazar Great Martyr"

  • White sweater with hoodie
  • White sweater with hoodie
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    Product name: White sweater with hoodie "St. Lazar Great Martyr"

    White hoodied sweatshirt with print across almost the entire front side with icon of St. Lazar Great Martyr.

    Vidovdan is one of the largest Serbian holidays. Its importance stems from historical events related to that date, of all the most important Battle of Kosovo, or the death of Prince Lazar. Therefore, on this day gives importance to Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović and Serbian soldiers killed in battle with the Turks at Kosovo Polje in 1389. This is, according to the historians, an important date in the collective consciousness of the Serbian people and one of the foundations of collective identity. Symbolizes freedom, the resistance to strangers, fostering patriotism, national identity, chivalry and heroism, but also a turning point after a period of ascent under the rulers of the Nemanjic dynasty.
    The Serbs do not only remember Prince Lazar by the courage in the battle in Kosovo, but also by building many monasteries and other endowments. During his lifetime he restored the monastery of Hilandar and Gornjak, built the monastery Ravanica and Lazarica and many other churches and monasteries.
    Lazar was proclaimed as saint soon after the Battle of Kosovo, and he was given the title of emperor in the people and the church. His holiness came from respecting the basic Christian principle - between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of the earth, he chose the kingdom of heaven.

    Sweater color: white
    Material: 100% cotton

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