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Gusle "St. Archangel Michael"

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      Product name: Gusle "St. Archangel Michael"
      Importer: Mourinhos d.o.o.

      Gusle - a single-stringed instrument used by the Slavic peoples in the Balkans and in the Dinarides region, often played with a bow and used to accompany epic poems or legends.
      On the gusle's head is an eagle with spread wings.
      The gusle is made of maple wood.
      On the bottom is the icon of the Archangel Michael.
      On the front and back of the handle is a braid symbolizing the connection of our people throughout history.
      On the side of the handle is the motif of the chains that the Serbian people endured throughout history and in the end heroically took them off.
      Gusle are colored with natural stains from walnut shells, and varnished with the highest quality shellac (varnish on a natural base with a high gloss, which is used to varnish all musical instruments).
      The gusle is made of goatskin, and the string is made of synthetic threads (nylon for fishing), while horsehair is mandatory on the bow. The combination of synthetic string on the fiddle and horsehair on the bow gives the highest quality sound.

      Length of gusle: 86 cm
      Bottom width: 24 cm

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