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The Knife [Zika Mitrovic] (DVD)

  • The Knife [Zika Mitrovic] (DVD)
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Product name: The Knife [Zika Mitrovic] (DVD)

notice: this is not a movie based on the novel by Vuk Draskovic! This movie is also in our offer, under the name "Knife (Vuk Draskovic)"

The murder of young and popular singer Alexandar Kish was so mysterious that even the experienced inspector Marko does not succeed in solving it immediately.

Basing his investigation on many controversial facts, he discovers that the young singer, because of his amoral life and ruthless methods of building his career, had attracted not only the envy, but also the hatred of many people. The father of a girl whom he had betrayed had threatened to kill him, as had the husband of an actress who used to be his mistress. Later, he was also threatened by a friend of his, from whom the singer had stolen a melody, as well as by a gambler to whom he owed money. The inspector is introduced into the world of musicians, record producers, models and gamblers, confronted with many dangers, and finally finds out that the murderer is a person that no one suspected.

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