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Erogenous Zone (DVD)

  • Erogenous Zone (DVD)
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Product name: Erogenous Zone (DVD)

Moca-Momcilo Stoisavljevic return home from the army, considered the last step in the process of becoming mature. This is where Moca’s life story begins.

On returning home he is faced with many problems: getting a job, finding a flat getting along with his parents and his girlfriend. Met, the girl he got pregnant while in the army, suddenly appears. In addition to all these problems he is faced with a great dilemma at his job. The Chicken farm he works at is a large agricultural kombinat which applies modern technology in the production of eggs and chickens.

On one hand he is fascinated by the ultra modern technology, and yet, on the other, he is terrified by the forse of automatism and cubernetics. He undergoes an authentic trauma of modern young man who is both attracted by the magnificent power of science and technology, and repelled by the fearful thought that this dangerous power could wrench itself free from the control of humanity and impose itself upon it.

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