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Gold plated necklase with kokarda

  • Gold plated necklase with kokarda
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    Product name: Gold plated necklase with kokarda

    Necklase with wreathed kokarda.
    Necklase is 18k gold plated.

    Average rating (10) 10

    28-Aug-2016 01:20:59
    Mark 10
    Krasna je :) nosila bi je oko vrata svakog dana, a svako jutro i noč ljubila sjajne orlove :***
    17-Dec-2009 00:17:22
    Mark 10
    dobra je
    07-Jun-2008 23:43:52
    Mark 10
    Dobra je kajla nema sta samo ako je ova ogrlica od metala mislim kao i grb. Sta mislite jel metalna?

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