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Rosary large red

  • Rosary large red
  • Rosary large red
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      Product name: Rosary large red
      Importer: Poslovno-prodajni centar pravoslavne eparhije

      An Orthodox rosary is a special type of prayer or spiritual string used in the Orthodox faith to lead prayer and repeat prayer formulations. A rosary consists of a series of beads or knots that represent prayers and is often used to repeat the Lord's Prayer or other prayers.
      Rosary beads are often worn around the arm, wrist, or carried in a pocket as part of a daily spiritual practice. They represent a symbol of faith, prayer and connection with God.
      It is important to note that the rosary has spiritual significance and should be used with respect. In the Orthodox tradition, the rosary is a means of directing the mind to prayer and spiritual growth.

      Dimensions: 35 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm

      Weight 50g

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