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Pope John Paul II - Santo Subito! (DVD)

  • Pope John Paul II - Santo Subito! (DVD)
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Product name: Pope John Paul II - Santo Subito! (DVD)

The first music DVD to embody the voice and the images of John Paul II.

As it stands, this is a 60 minute film - or series of clips (most very modern and radical, graphically and artistically) in which John Paul II’s speeches and in 2 instances him singing, have been set to music, most of it orchestral and incorporating original gregorian recordings, though some is electronic (Trip Hop) or contemporary acoustic guitar.

It is produced by the Vatican’s biggest media company San Paolo Multimedia. Though there is a number of documentaries and bio pics out there, this is the only film with the man John Paul II in his own words (taken under unique license from the Vatican Radio recordings of his most celebrated speeches), with a musical interpretation.

The film is a celebration of his life, words and messages set to surprisingly contemporary music and images, with spoken and sung passages (in Italian, Polish, Latin, English, French, Brazilian and Spanish), which are chants and prayers culled from recordings of the Pope by Radio Vaticana over the years of his papacy.

Before his ordination as a priest, he was a member of an experimental theater group, a stonecutter, and a published poet. Now, he offers the world the first music recording to embody his actual voice and images as in a videoclip.

The music is composed and performed by British film composer Simon Boswell. The result is a powerful and moving marriage of images, music and words that touch on universal themes such as peace, charity, forgiveness and reconciliation among all people. It is not just for Catholics, but for everyone interested in a new experience of the wisdom and compassion of one of the world’s great spiritual leaders and communicators.


1.Santo Subito!
2.Monte Sinai
3.Cristo Salvatore
4.Dio, Nostro Padre
5.Spirito D'Amore E Di Pace
6.Dio Di Misericordia
7.Dio E' Amore
8.Io Sono Tutto Tuo
9.Monte Delle Beatitudini
10.Mi Sarete Testimoni

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