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Triptych St. Archangel Michael 22x18cm

  • Triptych St. Archangel Michael 22x18cm
  • Triptych St. Archangel Michael 22x18cm-1
  • Triptych St. Archangel Michael 22x18cm-2
  • Triptych St. Archangel Michael 22x18cm-3
  • Triptych St. Archangel Michael 22x18cm-4
  • Triptych St. Archangel Michael 22x18cm
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      Product name: Triptych St. Archangel Michael 22x18cm

      Triptych made on a wooden base with metal fittings.
      In some places, the metal is enriched with 24 carat gilding.
      In the center is the icon of the Holy Archangel Michael.
      There are angels on the side icons. They can be moved, all the way to closing.
      The triptych can be hung on the wall or stand alone.
      Comes with a gift box.

      Dimensions: 22cm x 18cm x 15cm

      The angels (the angel is the Greek word meaning the herald) are spiritual beings without body that carry out God's promises. There's many of them and, according to the hierarchy, are divided into nine ranks. Angels on icons always depicted in human form as young people. They have no physical desires and concerns as people do so they remain forever young and beautiful, and since they fly where God sends them, they are always painted with wings on icons. Every man on the day of baptism receives his angel, who is called a calm angel, faithful teacher, a guardian of soul and body. These angels protect man's life and health and make sure that man does not make any mistake because of his ignorance and recklessness. They are dressed in white clothes, capes, as a sign of purity and innocence. The highest among the angels are seven archangels, including Michael.
      On the icons, the archangel Mihailo is presented with wings, in the ducal garment, as a fighter, with a sword in one and a beam scale in the other hand, because, according to folk belief, he takes the human soul at the time of death.

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