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Dear US / Canadian customers

all original DVD`s from Serbia are coded in PAL TV format, and some of them are protected with Region 2 code (some DVD`s have no region protection; if so, it is stated at our shop for all such releases). In USA/Kanada, you use NTSC TV format, and Region 1 protection code. So, you can`t play our DVD`s unless your DVD player is "multiregion", which means that it can play any DVD on the world, because it supports both PAL & NTSC formats, and can override region protection. Also, "multiregion" DVD players can adjust their output signal to the type of TV set that you have (in USA/Kanada, TV sets are also in NTSC TV format).

Such "multiregion" DVD players are very cheap now, under 40$, but they have limited availability in USA, because of some regulations forced by DVD movie manufacturers (in Europe, "multiregion" DVD players are widely available). Still, you can legally buy such DVD players on some USA/Kanada web shops, for example on, (type in "multiregion dvd" in the search field, and you will get list of all multiregion DVD players they have in stock)

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